MikeB "bulking/muscle building" training log Feb 14-Mar 15 2024 - 1 Month Snapshot

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This was a snapshot of my day to day for one month. It included a vacation, 1/2 marathon, multiple PR’s and lots of recovery. You will see a general pattern of how I train “hybrid”. I do my best to do well at gaining strength, endurance runs and staying flexible. I also do a lot of active recovery work.

I don’t think you should do what I do. I think maybe from what I do you can find some inspiration, a new perspective, some new moves, insight etc. That’s what I do.

I incorporate weights, running, walking, calisthenics, weighted walking, hiking, sprinting, and yoga into my workouts.

I posted my daily workouts and general movement so anyone can see what I’m doing regularly. I deliberately did not mention diet/food here.

I want to note as you look at my activity that **I did not lose or gain significant weight on the scale but I did break several personal records for endurance and strength in this time period. I wasn’t trying to lose weight I was just trying to gain muscle and strength while maintaining “waist size”.

Ask me anything, I’m happy to help if I can.

I am a 49-year-old “intuitive hybrid trainer”, work-from-home digital professional, e-RYT200 Yoga teacher, former Yoga studio owner, Certified Health Coach and dedicated health & wellness practitioner with over 30 years of experience.

I’m not a doctor or a scientist, but they’re the ones I’m always listening to and reading. I’ve poured thousands of hours into understanding nutrition, strength building, longevity, and yoga, all through the teachings of doctors, scientists, and gurus. Let’s just call them the “experts”.

Every expert does things their way and every expert conflicts with another expert.

Over the years I took bits and pieces from the brightest experts and molded that into my “way”. It’s what I want for everyone. To be able to learn and intuitively implement lifelong wellness changes based on expert advice, so you can find your way. The more exposure you have to different perspectives & narratives the more you realize that no one actually has all of the answers.

I am training for life or as Peter Attia @PeterAttiaMD calls it the “centenarian decathlon”. Every day, working toward a goal of enhancing and maintaining strength, muscle mass, endurance, mobility and flexibility to be a kick-ass 85+ year old.

Michael Baker
e-RYT Male Yoga Teacher, CHC, 25 Year #WFH Digital Pro
Strength & Health Coach for Age 40+


WAKE UP - 4:30am

4 mile “zone 2” walk with 45lb weighted vest. Approx 9000 steps, some hills.


Strength session:
Flat close-grip barbell - 135x10 - 155x4 (feeler set) - 185x10 (8-10 were all out)
Pullup hang 40sec
Bicep pulldowns

Followed by this exact chest/biceps workout, super pumped at the end:

This was the first workout video I put myself in because this particular sequence and these exercises are killer. Try it sometime, guaranteed pump and feel like you got a real workout in 20 min.

This is a throwback to old Beachbody days.


WAKE UP - 4:05am
Did a sequence very similar to this:

LATE AM 8-9am - Strength Training Session

  • Barbell Squats 45 x 15, 135 x 10, 185x6 (feeler set), 225x17 (Rep 10-17 were all out war)
  • Pullup Holds x 4 35 sec, 30 sec, 20 sec, 20 sec
  • Tricep Pushdowns x 4 didn’t count reps just went until failure with varying hand positions on a straight bar
  • Lat Pulldowns 4 sets in between Pullup holds 90lbs x 20, 110 x 15, 130x8
  • Dips 2 sets 23 reps, 19 reps all out last few reps

No PM Session Today


LATE AM 8-9am - “Bikram” or 26 + 2 Modified
Did a 70 minute modified version of this class in around 110 degrees with high humidity. I generally do this class or a yoga sequence of my own dedicated to legs the day after barbell squats or lengthy air squats

Here is the Bikram class I follow, and that I did today:

I did several modifications to this and cut off the last 20 min.

AFTERNOON 2:10-2:50PM Strength Session

  • Flat dumbbell presses 50x20, 70x11, 100x8 (new PR)
  • Hex bar shrugs 190x15 two sets
  • Hex bar deadlift 190x12
  • Bring Sally Up challenge 3 rounds
  • Pull-up holds x2, chin-up holds x2
  • Dumbbell pullover 75x12
  • Tricep rope pushdown dropset


WAKE UP - 4:40am
Did a short sequence very similar to this:

LATE AM 9:30-10am - Fast Furious Strength Training Session
Incline barbell presses 95x25, 135x12, 185x7, 205x1
Bring Sally Up Challenge 2 rounds + 1 round on knees
Biceps pulldowns x3 70lb until failure (not counting reps)

1-2pm - “Bikram” or 26 + 2 Modified
Did a 70 minute modified version of this class in around 110 degrees with high humidity. Haven’t been able to run outside so I’m focusing on total recovery.

Here is the Bikram class I follow, and that I did today:

The last 3 days were spent in NYC. Each day I put in around 10-14,000 steps and did pretty heavy duty strength training sessions on day 1 and 2. The gym in our “hotel” was the best hotel gym I have ever been to. I stayed at a place called Mint House in 70 Pine and it was apartment style. The gym is for the actual residents of the rest of the building in addition to the hotel guests.

There’s a bar on the 64th floor called Overstory. I had approx 12 drinks there over 2 nights :slight_smile:


Today was pack and unpack all the family stuff and it’s back to the grind tomorrow.


WAKE UP - 4:30am

Did my normal wake-up yoga

AM WORKOUT - 7:30-9:00am

Took a 4 mile hike with some uphill sprints. Bit slower pace because there were some really icy/snowy parts

30 minute strength session full body to get back in the groove after several days off my normal schedule.

2-4 long set of 15-40 reps of chest, triceps, biceps and back. I didn’t count reps, I just felt it. I didn’t go heavy and I didn’t go til failure. 65% of max intensity.

I believe that intuitive movement without it being so programmatic is really essential. Whether it’s weights, yoga, running, sprinting. Some days something kicks in and it all goes next level. Some days you need to step back a bit. It’s important to know that and not feel guilt or stress if you don’t hit a max or pr.

Tomorrow, I’ll hit it hard.


WAKE UP - 4:30am

Did my normal wake-up yoga

AM WORKOUT - 7:40-9:00am

Did 550 air squats over the course of a 3 mile hike. I did 2 warmups of 25, one killer set of 150 and back to 50 for 1 set and then 100x 3 sets. I did not run or sprint today, just squat and walk.

The path was icy, mushy, snowy etc was not safe to run. It will be soon though!

I filmed a demo of how to grab a stick if you need help with proper squat alignment. Sometimes doing squats with a barbell or what ever else you have available can help you maintain proper form. People tend to bend way over forward when you need to focus on keeping your back closer to straight up and down, back of your legs from 90 degrees to parallel to the ground (depending on your abilities) and push back up, straight up.

Trying to film my daily training with short informative videos:



WAKE UP - 4:40am

Did my normal wake-up yoga

AM WORKOUT - 8:00-9:00am

50 minute full steam weight session after 4 days in NYC with the family. I did a few light workouts leading up to this and hit the squats hard yesterday. My whole lower body was sore so I focused on upper body.

00:02:43 Flat dumbbells, dips for warmup
00:07:15 Pullup isometric hang 20-30 sec
00:23:24 Continuous movement - arm circles, shoulder stretches
00:25:31 Flat Dumbbells with the Iron Master Adjustable Dumbbells (100lbs x 7)
00:28:31 Load up hex bar, 230lb shrug x 20
00:30:50 “Bring Sally Up” challenge
00:35:00 Bicep Pulldowns Mike Mentzer biceps move
00:39:00 Dumbbell Pullovers
00:42:02 Biceps drop set to “Mark Wahlburg” biceps move
00:44:14 Triceps Drop-Set Bar, ropes, small dumbbells

2/25 AM “Bikram” Yoga + Maintenance & Active Recovery 20 Minute Strength Session

Follow along this fast maintenance and active recovery strength session. 3 rounds push/pull hitting light upper chest, back/biceps (compound, isometric) and light shoulders.

I did a “Bikram Yoga” style class at 8am today. 70 Minutes in about 110 degrees, 20 postures, full body but a bit of a variation from the traditional 26 + 2. I will film it soon.

The exercises in this video:
Incline Dumbbells 50lbs freestyle, slow, iso, single reps. 2 Long sets
3x biceps/back isometric chin-up hold
2x pulldowns with close grip attachment
2x reverse back flys
2x dips 23 reps, 15 reps
1x front lateral raise
1x side lateral raise

My Modified Bikram temp 110 humid af:


WAKE UP - 4:30am

Did my normal wake-up yoga

AM WORKOUT - 7:30-9:00am

Took a 5 mile hike with 12 uphill sprints. I didn’t hold back the ice and snow was mostly gone and the ground was nice and dry.


WAKE UP - 4:30am

Did my normal wake-up yoga

AM RUN - 5:50-6:40am
Ran just over 6 miles, walked an additional .5, I ended up with over 8 miles moving yesterday, around 13,000 steps. Felt great to move like this.



WAKE UP - 4:30am

Did my normal wake-up yoga

AM WEIGHTED WALK - 8:45-10:10am
Did around 10,000 steps with a 45lb weighted vest. It was a bit rainy but it was not cold. It felt great actually. 0 other humans found the roads great haha!

25 minute weight session where I do a proper warm-up for a heavy lift that leads into a PR set of incline barbell: 185lbs for 8 clean. I follow it with a drop set and fast n furious tricep sequence.


WAKE UP - 4:30am

Did my normal wake-up yoga

AM HIKE - 7:35-9:05am
Did 6 sets of air-squats: 25, 25, 310, 90, 100, 100, 100 (750 total) and around 8000 steps over 4 miles or so. It was a cold and windy af. It felt great anyway.

Later in the afternoon, I did this 20 minute workout in my office. But rather than the full bicep portion, I did my 15lb dumbbells 100x:


Recovery Day

LATE AM 8-9am - “Bikram” or 26 + 2 Modified
Did a 70 minute modified version of this class in around 110 degrees with high humidity. I generally do this class or a yoga sequence of my own dedicated to legs the day after barbell squats or lengthy air squats

Here is the Bikram class I follow, and that I did today:


Heavy Strength Training

Today I wasn’t under the day to day pressure to wrap up fast. I was rested, free of injury and had prepared well with proper nutrition. Follow along as I do a 60+ min full strength upper-body workout.

00:12:52 Demo: Iron Master Adjustable Dumbbell for quick weight changes. @IronmasterPro
00:23:30 New PR: 49-year-old lifts 100 lb dumbbells x 7 on incline. 00:34:37 Shrug drop-set: 275 x 8, 225 x 8, 185 x 12, 135 x failure.
00:49:41 Isometric back/bicep holds, bodyweight & machine. Reference #mikementzer @athleanx @sam_sulek
01:02:33 Lengthy triceps drop set.


WAKE UP - 5:15am

Did my normal wake-up yoga

AM RUN - 8 - 9:30am
Ran 9 miles, walked an additional .75, around 14,500 steps. Temp was perfect. 50 light breeze, sunny. Felt the Spring energy!




WAKE UP - 4:00am

Did my normal wake-up yoga

AM WEIGHTED WALK - 7:35-8:20am
Did around 6,000 steps with a 45lb weighted vest. Temp was nice for this today, not too cold. I’m a bit sore in my lower body from yesterdays run so I stopped here.

LATE AM 9:30-10:30am - “Bikram” or 26 + 2 Modified
Did a 60 minute modified version of this class in around 110 degrees with high humidity. Here is the Bikram class I follow, and that I did today:


WAKE UP - 4:15am

Did my normal wake-up yoga

AM Light Weight Session - 9:45-10:15am
I did full upper-body with long single sets of:
Flat Bench - 95lbs x 38 reps
Flat Dumbbells - 75lbs x 13 reps super slow, strict
Triceps, Biceps without counting reps until failure
Iso Pullup hold
Iso Chinup hold
Some light mobility leg work
Dumbbell pullover with a 75lb dumbbell until failure like this: