Chad workout / food log

in office this morning already, however 30 minute walk before I came in. one day at a time.

Chad welcome in. I want to make this a place you can feel free to share anything related to our coaching. Accountability is the key here.

@chad here to see if you were able to get out and get some fresh air, sun or movement today

@MikeB -just walked back into office to do some work after I did the Beaver Brook trail here in Milford with a friend, luckily it is right around the corner from my office

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Fantastic, how long is the trail?

@chad you get anything in today?

@MikeB . No
Did get 20 minutes in this morning before office.
The trail is a mile long.

Great Chad, and when you do the trail is it up and back, like a mile each way or a mile in total?

1mile loop

Great, keep it going. Maybe go for 2x next time out. I’ll keep checking in

@chad anything today?

did 20 minutes on small walking treadmill at home about half hour ago before coming back to office
will look at challenge you sent tomorrow, looks interesting.

@chad Would you want to or be able to post your food here?

sending you a text with another email address to send this thread to, will make it easier for me during tax season

Great, done!

I want to note that a 1 mile walk given your age, height, weight burns approx 160 calories.

That’s how many calories are in 1 medium apple, So make sure to keep food intake in mind for weight loss as it’s the absolute key.

aim for 1900-2400 calories per day.

got it
30 min walk this morning

Hey catch me up. I know its hard to push all the info here, I just want to try to use this as a way to stay dialed in randomly. It makes it easy to share stuff. @chad

sorry, first time on email today. 2 aloha bars and just had dinner with meg. 10oz burger american cheese no bun hand full of fries
blood work tomorrow for physical thursday, checking on blood pressur meds
going to do fasting starting Monday, eating between 11am and 8pm only.
selzter has been a great call in place of soda
will let you know how physical goes one way or the other
back at office for a couple to finish off the night

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If you can, lay out ALL of the food daily. Including the good, bad and ugly. Walks are great. Any movement is great but will not help weight loss when calories are too high. I found a lot of success with fasting as a weight loss tool.

It really helps kill snacking, which is a diet killer. But also don’t get in the “stuff everything in before the deadline” mindset.

I personally like to go heavy on the calories my “last meal” when I do a fast. As it turns out, doing one now. Last food was 5pm yesterday and I won’t eat until 10:30-11am today.

If I’m eating 2000 calories that day, I’ll do 1200 for the last meal and 800 ahead of that.

You may also consider 2MAD or 2 Meals a Day along with fasting. This further reduces that snacking window.

I’ll do light cardio while fasted this am. 3 mile or so hike. I’ll also do it toward the end of the fast. I never strength train fasted anymore.