Paul B training log

@pjballas I began this new topic for you. Share your progress, setbacks or anything else related to your runs and I’ll help you where I can. I have had many setbacks too and have overcome all of them.

I posted your note and screenshot:

Well this sucked Rolled my ankle. I’m in pain had to stop

This was my first run prepping for a 10K

The second run I didn’t make it past .12 mile and rolled my ankle.

@pjballas That’s tough, it can mess with you mentally too. Mend, get well and when you can I’d introduce more yoga type moves specifically to strengthen and loosen your lower legs. Take a look at this video and try some or all of it:

In addition, doing regular hikes, walks, weighted walks all help to keep those muscles moving and developing. If your ankle was both stronger and more flexible you may have been able to sustain that roll better.

This is a weird video I made about hiking and why I’d do it as a way to be SUPER mindful of every step you take:

Let me know how you feel about all that, any questions. As soon as you can start walking. Grab a 20lb ruck sack (GORUCK) or weight vest.

Fractured fifth metatarsal and in a boot for a while. Maybe yes my ankle mobility was not what it was. Ortho said 6-8 weeks before running again. Can workout upper body tho

I would start to develop core & upper body while starting to work on flexibility during this time. If your goal is to run distance consider doing strength training specifically for legs.

If you can, try to do isometric holds/challenges like this:

You don’t need to be in motion to start this process. Once you can move more try introducing air squats

How’s the foot? Back at it?

:frowning: am not unfortunately. Slowly recovering. Not much going on…:frowning:

Hit upper body while you wait:

And also while you wait you can start building strength with static holds: