Terry workout log

I’m going to post my Apple Watch and bio data here.

You actually taking blood for the ketones test? What are you using?

Yeah keto mojo https://keto-mojo.com/

Wild are you poking it in your finger??

Yeah, it comes with a little spring loaded lancet and i poke and sample. I hate needles too but its really not bad. The strips cost money, that kind of sucks but I found a coupon code and just loaded up.

I’m interested to try, I don’t know I’ve truly ever been “keto”. I think a lot of people confuse keto with low carb. Keto to me is brutal mentally. SO much fat. I just naturally lean high protein, moderate fat. Not the other way around.


Good start

Good workout today

Fantastic day, best yet, fastest 2 miles in 15 years

Fantastic! Maybe make today a “double” and hit some weights too, make it epic workout day.

No chance at a double yesterday that workout fucked me up all day, today was a recovery walk, tomorrow I’m at a hotel so I might put in a moderate workout

When I stay at a hotel I always usually resort to running the local area, doing a hybrid walk, sprint, squat routine outside or doing “beachbody” Insanity in the room. I try and balance off the uptick in beers I take in and justify them as “fuel” for my long runs. Somehow it works out!

Hey, you still killin it? Hope the trip didn’t derail you at all

Oh yeah, past 3 days

Fantastic. Get one strength training in before Tues even if it’s one set of 30 reps w 20lb dumbbells on flat bench.

I did yesterday and will again tomorrow!

That is great to hear, I have a few new videos coming with this in mind.