Terry workout log

@TerryA for shoulders:

I did the video yesterday and my shoulder feels better already, also I ran a complete non stop 11min mile today

Fantastic man. I try and do shoulder work like that several times per week, it’s a good “off day” or “maintenance” activity.

Another great day, 6% incline warmup and a solid lifting session, my chest was still a bit sore so I added in a heavy overhead tricep raise instead of chest flys

@TerryA One thing I notice is you always stop at X rep. The numbers should be a bit less rigid andmore based on this: “Can you get another rep?” If it’s yes, do one. If you set out to do 10, don’t just stop at 10 because you hit 10. Maybe try 11, 12, 13 etc. NOTE I do start to see this in your last documented workout with 11/13 rep sets

Sometimes break the mold and do 20 rep or 27 rep set.

Also, what is a lawnmower


That’s funny I was just thinking the same thing this morning when I was working out, my first set is kind of a warm up so I have a very rigid rep count just gauging how I’m feeling, then the second set I try to hit it a bit harder, 3rd set its whatever I have left in the tank to failure but sometimes I am saving myself for the next exercise. If I push too hard, my recovery suffers. I think my body just isn’t working optimally yet, better than it was, but I haven’t adapted entirely to lifting every other day yet.

Just make sure you vary the movements. I’d suggest adding in some of the calisthenics type moves on some of those training days. The challenges I posted or your own. I have developed so much strength from the air squats and pushup routines. I believe it was always an essential missing piece of my training.

Run, Lift, Hike (zone 2, calisthenics, sprints), Yoga (stretching)

On “Hike” days, it’s more or less calisthenics, zone 2 and hill sprints. Sprinting being defined by anything I can only sustain for a short burst. Everyones sprints look different.

This all helps break that numbers fixation as well.
Hope this helps.

I had a good 4 days of recovery from lifting so I upped all my weights today and did a lot more reps to failure as @MikeB instructed, even threw in an extra set of squats.


I think my problem at the moment is that because its mostly an all upper body chest and arms workout, I’m having a hard time chaining the exercises because I impact sympathetic muscles with the prior exercise. I need to optimize my routine so that I can break up the muscle groups better.




Saturday lifting into Sunday lifting into Sunday 2 mile hike

Best run yet

Yes man you are really getting there. It’s great to watch this progress. Can’t wait to see this new equipment, hopefully assembly not too hellish. My early pace was maybe 11’s or so per mile, you’ll be there in a couple months at this rate.

Here it is

You’re an animal I can’t believe you did that all already!

I wanted to share that yoga leg video I talked to you about yesterday. When your legs are smashed, do any or all of this:

I’ll do it today, I’m going to lift a little just because I’m excited, you wanted me to track how many calories I burned building that thing, my morning run was 400ish, here is my day score.


Yesterday I did a 30 minute walk and Yoga, today I did my full couch to 5k session and lifting.

Killin it. How’s the new equipment?

its good, requires a bit of thought to use so I’m a bit slow on it, but its good. Full range of motion exercises that originate from places that aren’t overhead or under you are really nice feeling. Like cable cross overs, tons of stuff you can do when you aren’t fighting gravity on the grip.

I look forward to some virtual training on it. You just opened up a whole new world so cool. When I get new equipment it usually takes a few weeks to develop a system. This thing has a ton of options so that system may take a little longer. But it will develop. Keep doing what you were doing and just add this in, don’t take away from what you were doing or become derailed.