Hey, I'm Terry!

I am Terry, 42 years old. Lived in Illinois, Florida, and now reside on a mountain in Vermont escaping civilized society. I have gone from fat to fit 3 times in my life and I’m looking to not bounce off the bottom again after recovering from long covid which took me up over 330 pounds. I’m now 260 and dropping through carnivore diet, calorie counting, intermittent fasting, and daily exercise.

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Hey so glad you’re here. I’m going to make this a place where getting in shape, staying in shape is part of the built in vibe.

It’s Saturday. I’ve been up since 4:10 and just getting to workout now. What’s your weekend workout?

So I did cardio and weights on tuesday with you, that evening had a soar throat and was sick wednesday and thursday but I stuck to my very low carb diet. Then Friday I did cardio and weights again. Today I did cardio

I am down 6 pounds since last week so the low carb/carnivore/pesudo keto thing is really working for me, first thing I noticed was a water dump, I un-bloated almost immediately and it felt great.

This is a bit deceptive because I really started at 330+


I think this is the key:

Optimally I’d like to eat “meat” (fish, chicken, beef, all forms of wild seafood, eggs, clean dairy etc.), some fruit, some veggies and nix the rest. Enjoy a little bit here and there. Couple beers. 1/2 a Pizza. It’s really about controlling those indulgences too. If there’s addiction involved, it’s avoid 100% :upside_down_face:

The big thing I removed was my apple addiction and rice, they went away and I immediately started dropping again

Mine is pizza, beer, nuts, ice cream. I lose it with those particular things. Like I can say I’ll have a piece of pizza, then blow down 7 pieces. You supposed to eat 14 cashews in a serving, I can do 14 in a mouthful and do that 20x. That shit adds up fast

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I don’t know how I never got “addicted” to alcohol, I never feel like I need it, I can drink 4 beers one day and not drink again for 4 months without even thinking about it, even having a fridge full of beer. I like it, but I don’t really crave it. Lucky me I guess.

Now I do want sugar, sugar is my crack. I’ll eat all the sugar, in everything. Sugar is also easy to avoid though, sugary foods are obvious and they are rarely natural so if you are eating only natural whole foods, it’s hard to trip over a sugar bomb on accident. Just need to keep strong.

Ya I guess me too I just had to break the old beer habits. It’s easy to throw back beer every day. Most people my age are heavy because of alcohol and don’t realize it.

Beer and scotch always led to binging on something. Really limiting the alcohol helped everything. I had 2 beers yesterday. I won’t drink again for a couple weeks.

Oh and as far as sugar, it’s never been a huge factor but we all got our thing for sure. At the end of the day beer, sugar, pizza dough, rice what ever, it’s all metabolized the same way more or less and overeating it causes fat storage.