Terry workout log

I beat myself up good this morning, full running session and a full lifting session with the trainer, I’m a bit slow lift to lift but that’s no big deal on the weekend because I’m in no rush.

@TerryA MY MAN wow, killing it still. How’s the weight? Note you may be recomping and displacing fat weight with muscle weight so the scale may keep disappointing you. Base it on your pants and how they fit.

I forgot to check honestly but everything is fitting fine

Weight still downward or level off?

I’ll weigh in tomorrow and let you know

Hit me with an update homie

263, solid workouts, but about to go on vacation so I’m going to try to keep up with the cardio and do some body weight exercises but reality is, it’s going to be a rough week for food for sure.

Checking in, how’s it going? I’ll be back in full swing Wednesday.

I am in the Florida keys on vacation but it’s going great, I’ll be back Thursday but things are working fine

Catch me up homie

I just got back in last night, only up 2 pounds and that was full after a night weigh in. I ate very responsible, lots of blackened fish to make up for my years away. Getting back on the tread this morning and I’ll be lifting tomorrow, all good in this hood.



Squats with a stick:

I like to do this:
Hike/Walk > Warm-up Squat Set > Hike/Walk > Short Sprint (10 seconds) > Hike/Walk > Full Squat Squat Set > Hike/Walk > Sprint 10-20 seconds

Then repeat Hike/Walk > Full Squat Set > Sprint as long as you can.

This Mark Sisson video was pretty good at explaining sprints - and the dude is 70 so I take his word for it:

@TerryA We just talked about fries today and this was posted 2 hours later:

@rfaustinllc @chad

Well on the upside I was eating nice sit down restaurant fries but I’m sure that doesn’t make it much better.

My man, checking in - hit me, are you back from being sick? Have you tackled the hill again?

I’m ok, feeling a lot better, back exercising, just had a shitty weekend. Got out twice this week for a run and did some weights yesterday, I’ll be back for next Tuesday

Truth be told, I don’t add protein to these anymore. I like them without and then I just slam down the protein on its own. But this is my almost nightly family habit:

Note that at any time I have frozen mandarin oranges, pineapple, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, raspberries.

Current house favorite is the banana + mandarin

Then I add these suckers in:

The Stainless is always 20-30% cheaper on Amazon than on Vitamix site: