Bob A workout / food log

9 am.
Protein shake.
2- coffee

Squat record 110

5 fried eggs
1/2 cup of potato
Water and 2- coffees

Fantastic week, hope you’re not too sore to get a good walk tomorrow

I am tired now lol

Legs kicking in, you’ll sleep good. Make sure get out in cold tomorrow, try for a couple miles. Try this too any or all of it, specifically for the day after intense leg day:

9 am
5 scrambled eggs.
And cheese
3 coffee

How’s legs today?

Not to bad💪

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Check out these multivitamins:

Attia recommended “Pure Encapsulations” brand several times across various interviews. We have these and we also have their Magnesium

Greek omelette
3 coffee with milk
No potatoes or bread

No lunch

Dinner 8 pm
One helping of Kevin’s beef with sauce
Two helping of broccoli
2- water

Weight must be dropping! Got to get more protein, maybe just try adding one more straight protein meal. Don’t forget the Bell & Evans Chicken at Whole Foods and it seems Stop and Shop has it too

@rfaustinllc 200 grams of protein today! Heal those muscles. Prep for tomorrow, 120 squats over 6 sets 10 - 20 - 30 - 30 - 20 - 10

@rfaustinllc checking in hope you are able to keep moving and keep food in check

Yes hi there. Been eating lots of eggs and filet Minton
Started out yesterday
Doing 50 squats in morning
Lots of walking b

Great try a challenge like this but instead of 20 and 20 do 3-5 of each - no gym needed!