Stretches For Banged Up Shoulders - Yoga Inspired Shoulder Opening & Relief Stretches for Men

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This video is for all the guys that can’t do barbell squats because of their shoulders. For guys that can’t reach up overhead or have general stiffness and limited range of motion.

It seems to me that every guy has it. I had it. Mine was a residual injury from years of lifting weights like a bonehead and doing nothing else. It’s literally the reason I started doing yoga to begin with. 15 years later, almost 50 and it’s all gone. I have full range of motion and I never get injured.

Give it a shot it might just work for you too.

Follow along and get such relief from all the kinked up stress around your shoulder ball joint.

These are great for guys that lift like lunatics or equally those who are inactive. It’s just necessary maintenance work!


Key Moments for “Yoga Stretches for Shoulders”

00:00:00 – Introduction Shoulder Stretches
00:01:10 – Expanding Chest and Shoulder Stretch
00:02:19 – Adjusting Shoulder Positions for Pain Relief
00:03:46 – Enhancing Shoulder Flexibility with Hand Clasps
00:05:16 – Shoulder Lubrication and Mobility Exercises
00:06:22 – Importance of Delicate Shoulder Care
00:07:21 – Transitioning to Ground-Based Stretches
00:08:32 – Ultimate Ground Shoulder Stretch
00:09:38 – Symmetrical Shoulder Stretching Technique
00:10:44 – Continuous Motion for Shoulder Health and Repair
00:13:11 – Daily Practice Tips and Shoulder Sensation Check

I am training for life or as Peter Attia @PeterAttiaMD calls it the “centenarian decathlon”. Every day, working toward a goal of enhancing and maintaining strength, muscle mass, endurance, mobility and flexibility to be a kick-ass 85+ year old.

Michael Baker
e-RYT Male Yoga Teacher, CHC, 25 Year #WFH Digital Professional
Actively training for the Centenarian Decathlon
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I did it after work today and i finally felt a “good” pop and some relief

That is fantastic, did you feel it was the right speed and level? Trying to make it more accessible to all levels. That pop is amazing. Sometimes it’s so deep it’s like instant stress relief.