NYC Marathon: 30 Min Yoga Stretch Class After Hard Training Run - Active Recovery #nycmarathon #run

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I ran 16 miles in 2 hours and 21 minutes training for the 2024 NYC marathon yesterday and my legs, body are pretty smashed. This 30 minute class is designed to stretch the affected areas, sooth and lengthen the muscles and aid in a speedy recovery.

Active Recovery is essential to prevent injury!

Yoga-inspired stretching as part of active recovery can significantly benefit recovery from marathon training in several ways:

Improves Flexibility: Yoga stretches target multiple muscle groups, including some that may be neglected in typical marathon training. Improving flexibility helps to prevent injuries by maintaining a range of motion and reducing muscle tension.

Enhances Blood Circulation: Stretching exercises enhance blood flow, which is crucial for recovery. Increased blood circulation delivers more nutrients and oxygen to tired muscles and helps in flushing out metabolic waste products accumulated during intense training.

Reduces Muscle Soreness: Active recovery through yoga can help in reducing the onset of muscle soreness (DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) after long runs. Gentle stretching helps to relax the muscles and alleviate tightness and pain.

Promotes Relaxation: Yoga incorporates breathing techniques and mindfulness, which aid in relaxation and stress reduction. Mental recovery is just as important as physical recovery in training for endurance events like marathons.

Supports Joint Health: Yoga helps in strengthening the muscles around the joints, thereby providing better support and reducing the load and impact on joints during running.

Incorporating yoga-inspired stretches into your recovery routine can speed up the recovery process, enhance overall performance, and decrease the risk of injury.

I am a certified e-RYT 200 Yoga Teacher with 15 years of experience. My goal is to make the benefits of yoga more accessible to people who say “I’m not flexible so I can’t do yoga”. You do yoga to get flexible. I avoid overly complex poses, feminine / “dancey” movements, “sanskrit”, anything cosmic. I like to get into deep holds and target specific muscle groups for specific reasons and leave any narrative out of it.

I am keeping a daily training log of my 2024 NYC Marathon Training here:

I am also there to answer any questions or help in any way.

This is video one of a lengthy series, stay tuned and good luck with the running!

Ultimately, I am training for life or as Peter Attia @PeterAttiaMD calls it the “centenarian decathlon”. Every day, working toward a goal of enhancing and maintaining strength, muscle mass, endurance, mobility and flexibility to be a kick-ass 85+ year old.

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