Butterbean's comeback, because of yoga!

Hey this is cool, what’s your deal man - you need help getting moving again?

I have seen a lot of material from DDP yoga over the years utilizing Yoga as a healing tool for a lot of things. I do agree but yoga is one small aspect in my opinion. It still is the core of what I believe most men need but never ever do or consider doing. Mostly because the local in-person resources are terrible and online resources are either sexual nonsense or too advanced.

yeah, I’m pretty much how butterbean is at the beginning of this video, my mobility is that bad.

Do you think you’d want help with that?

Can you walk?

I’m slowly working on it, not able to walk like I use to. Been working on some exercises to strengthen my legs, so I can progress with other things. Exercising is hard if you can’t walk, or stand. Getting on the ground and up is damn near impossible.

I understand. I train guys with similar issues. Do you want any help?

when I’m ready to advance, I might reach out

I’ll do it here for free my man, book a Google Meet with me any time: Calendly - Michael Baker

I mean it, I’d be happy to. Some small steps can change your whole life.