Breaking a Plateau listening to Joe Rogan "Fear of Discomfort" - 200 Air Squats in a row! @joerogan

Originally published at: Breaking a Plateau listening to Joe Rogan “Fear of Discomfort” – 200 Air Squats in a row! @joerogan | Get Up Earlier

I heard this highly motivational Joe Rogan clip when I was in a darker place of my life many years back. 40+lbs overweight, drinking too much, moving too little, letting things slip. It helped get me moving again. I hope it does the same for you.

In this video I do 200 air squats in a row, a personal best for me at almost 49 years old.

7:30am, 30ish degrees, in the woods rather than some gym. I went on to do about 1000 air squats, 20 hill sprints and a 6 mile hike over about 2 hours this day. But when I began this type of workout it looked more like 100 air squats over 2 miles with 1 or 2 sprints. It’s when I realized I didn’t need a gym or facility to get it in. I just needed to reframe my time and my perception of exercise.

Start by doing a set of 10 air squats every .5 miles on a walk. Move up from there.

The next day do this yoga class I designed specifically for soreness after leg day:…
If you can’t get into a squat work into it by doing this:…

I have been battling this for years and plan to hit 1000 squats in a row one day. If you need help getting unstuck, getting moving even if it’s just a few times, I will be happy to coach you through it. Hit me:

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Strength, Flexibility, Wellness 40+ by Michael Baker

I think it’s safe to say @TerryA and @rfaustinllc have crossed over into this mindset. I need my other guys to drop the nonsense and get past that barrier. @pjballas @chad

If something on you is broken, there’s 100 other things that aren’t. Pulled calf? Do upper body work. Shoulder hurt? Do air squats? Shoulder and calf hurt, do Bikram yoga 5 days in a row.

Treat all of this with a sense of urgency