Running a 1/2 Marathon vs 12 Chicken Wings & Beer


I ran a half marathon early this week, hammering my body for 2 hours and 20,000 steps, burning approximately 2,000 calories. Consuming a dozen chicken wings along with three beers would amount to a similar caloric intake of around 2,000 calories.

When I say that exercise is a terrible strategy for weight loss this is what I mean.

You’re supposed to eat around 2000 calories a day.

If your goal is actual weight loss the absolute 1st thing you should do is track calories for 2 weeks and figure out the reality of how much you are taking in from both food and drink.

Chances are, it’s way more than you thought.

Worry about exercise, diet type, macronutrients and all the other stuff later. You have to get those calories under control.

If you don’t you continue to gain weight, period.

It’s a very simple math problem and no one wants to do it.

So, if you are unhappy with your weight… DO IT.

I invite people to see if beer and wine are making them fat. It’s simple math and I made a calculator for it: