Repeatedly dropping heavy Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells. THEY WON'T BREAK! @IronmasterPro #lift

Originally published at: Repeatedly dropping heavy Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells. THEY WON’T BREAK! @IronmasterPro #lift | Get Up Earlier

If you HAVE TO drop your heavy dumbbells sometimes, Ironmaster is for you. I shopped around and almost bought 80lb Nuobell and entertained several others. I didn’t like that 80-90 was the max and I really didn’t like that you must not drop them because if you do the plastic pieces inside will break and they will be useless.

So I went with old faithful: Iron Master, and I’m glad I did.

Dropping a weight isn’t always some show of power or rage as some seem to think. For me it’s for safety. Also I didn’t want to be held to a weight limitation. Today for instance I did 110’s!

If a dumbbell is 90+ pounds and I fail my rep, I cannot gently place that on the ground. It has to be safely released. If I don’t I can tear my bicep and/or shoulder.

Even if I get it back down to my knees I still can’t risk injury so one of them has to get dropped.

I also want to note that Iron Master Adjustable dumbbells have allowed me to gain strength without limits. They feel real and high-end. If you’re on the fence, shopping around and really want to get serious about going heavy, these are for you.

Michael Baker
Strength Coach, e-RYT Yoga Teacher, CHC, 25 Year #WFH Digital Pro
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