Oh boy... Cloud10 comeback tour?

I don’t even remember if this was my user name back then or not.

@MikeB , did you invite Joe Rogan?

Post some old Cloud10 videos. Those were amazing!


WHAT’S UP! Always good to see an old face in this new place. Take a look around and look forward to having you here.

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OH and @Luckster I wish I saved them although I bet if we looked back they would seem so old. Pre-youtube, it’s hard to believe. I do know there is one of the old Flash cartoons on Newgrounds: Mike B Part 3 @TerryA @apache69yell @robpropheter80

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yes, luckster was your name

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It’s been 20+ years since…

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Almost time for an AI version of the old chop contests

Ha, just watched the video again, good memories!!
Do you remember the Damn Show!? I’m pretty sure I have a DVD somewhere of their old skits. If I can find it I’ll upload some of their videos. It was just stupid/funny sketch comedy

Thanks Apache! Been awhile, gettin old :rofl:

Yes @MikeB these old videos! Are they live anywhere or is this just old screenshots?

I dug in to the archives. There’s a bunch of the old stuff linked here:

If you hover over the thumbnails, the ones with .WMV linked at the end are still downloadable! They look so grainy and old it’s so weird.

This is another jump off spot for that old stuff:

It’s so weird that it’s been 20+ years since I started that.

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The issue with the archives is that it’s super fragmented

If anyone finds anything great please post here - please leave nudity out

How familiar this feels man it’s been a long time and it feels great to be back:


@TerryA @OptimusDad @anti_material @eRacerX @0Dogg @robpropheter80 @Nifty

I got the following videos to work:
The Hex - Ron dancing around his apartment was a little drawn out but remember this video
No She Didn’t - You guys running around NYC actin a fool was funny. And WOW at that chick takin it all :rofl:
Times Square - AHAHAHAHAHAH, mike’s reaction during/after the interviews, CLASSIC!!
Party at Als - Some funny parts in it
Up at the Stern show - Beetlejuice, that guy was crazy. Pretty sure I remember him being on the Damn Show also. Great video!
Introducing DonRon - Another classic

The 2nd link you posted, wow. so much content. I’ll check that out another chance when I get free time


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