NYC Marathon Training: Test Your Gear! Painful Gear Fails & Lessons #nycmarathon #gear #training

Originally published at: NYC Marathon Training: Test Your Gear! Painful Gear Fails & Lessons #nycmarathon #gear #training | Get Up Earlier

In this video, I discuss the importance of testing all your marathon gear before race day to avoid any unexpected and painful issues or energy draining annoyances. I share a personal story about how a new Summer tank-top fabric caused severe nipple chafing, which turned my run into a nightmare, and how using the wrong bandana caused additional annoyances. The key takeaway is to never try anything new on marathon day and always stick with what you know works for you. Test, test more and test even more!

Also, I give a breakdown of some essential gear I use for marathons, from my Brooks Glycerin GTS 20s to my Jabra Elite Active headphones. I also talk about the essential items I carry with me, such as honey drops, energy chews, and electrolyte chews. I can’t say enough about the need for reliable and comfortable gear to ensure your energy is focused on the marathon, not on dealing with gear malfunctions. Watch to learn how to prepare your gear for a smooth and successful marathon experience.

Fully tested Gear mentioned in this video:

Jabra Elite 8 Active - Sports Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds:

Nuun Sport Electrolyte Tablets

Runhit Compression Shorts (Best large phone holder)

Brooks Glycerin GTS

Wellbee’s 100% Pure Honey Candy - No Additives

Skratch Labs Energy Chews

SaltStick Electrolyte FastChews

I am also there to answer any questions or help in any way. This is video one of a lengthy series, stay tuned and good luck with the running! Ultimately, I am training for life or as Peter Attia calls it the “centenarian decathlon”. Every day, working toward a goal of enhancing and maintaining strength, muscle mass, endurance, mobility and flexibility to be a kick-ass 85+ year old.

Michael Baker e-RYT Yoga Teacher, CHC, 25 Year #WFH Digital Pro Actively training for the NYC Marathon & “Centenarian Decathlon”

Key Moments:

00:00:00 - 00:01:11 Nipple Chafing Disaster: Runner shares a story about new gear causing problems.

00:01:37 Sweaty Bandana Catastrophe: Another story highlights the importance of testing gear.

00:02:51 Don’t Introduce New Gear on Race Day: Emphasizes using familiar equipment during races.

00:03:15 Head-to-Toe Race Day Gear Breakdown: Detailed explanation of the speaker’s preferred running gear.

00:04:01 Comfortable Socks are Important: Mentions well-broken-in socks to avoid blisters.

00:04:48 Compression Shorts for Phone Carry: Explains how compression shorts aid in carrying a phone.

00:05:53 Jabra Elite Active Headphones Recommendation: Praises specific headphones for their features.

00:06:12 Be Prepared for Race Day: Final tips on charged devices, backup gear, and overall race day readiness.

00:07:00 Essential Edible Items: Discusses the importance of carrying honey drops, energy chews, and electrolyte chews.

00:08:00 Overall Preparation: Recap of the importance of thorough preparation and testing of gear before marathon day.