SOLVED: Active logo grid with unified styling and unique outbound links

Fiverr consult/traning: Client needed to have a 25 logo grid layout in WordPress where in one swoop the styling could all be changed on one instance and have that be reflected across all 25 blocks. Each block to contain an image, headline, excerpt, button and each button would have a unique outbound link.

Client is using Pro Theme/Cornerstone builder.

My solution:

Create the grid with a Pro Theme blog ARCHIVE LAYOUT like demonstrated with mine:


The reason for this is because with these layouts you can style the 1st block and have that reflect all blocks in the grid in one shot. If I don’t want a date, I delete it in the 1st instance and it removes from all. If I make the title a new color, change the background color, effect on rollover - anything. Do it once and it’s going to every block in the layout grid.

This is because it’s a “dynamic” layout. It means the layout is designed to pull info from posts and populate it. This is different than a static layout where each instance, each cell is editable and unique.

Pro Theme has pre-made “sections” for you to use, start with “Recent Posts” to get going:

Create each entry of the grid as a new “post”

Use the logo as the featured image

Then, to assign a unique link to each grid item use “Page Links to” plugin:

To take the link out of WordPress posts and go to a URL of choice:


New Fiverr 5 star review for this solution:
“Professional, knowledgeable - had a problem and was able to solve with the right solution. Thanks and would definitely recommend!”