SOLVED: Creating a custom dynamic video template from X theme default video post template in Pro theme / Cornerstone

For all of the X theme / Pro theme / Cornerstone users you know that X/Pro has a bunch of helpful default post templates. The video template specifically has the ability to paste in a URL or embed code within post edit and then have that video display in place of a featured image. Very helpful.

The default template is very bland. But what about customizing this?

Well in order to do this we need to use Pro theme and set up a new “Single” template and then make sure to add the proper calls.


These are the calls that are important:

Video embed:

{{dc:post:meta key="_x_video_embed"}}

Post Title:


The Excerpt


“The Content” is an element:

The Content, The Excerpt, The Title can all also be pulled in as elements:


From here we can customize everyt inch of the post output. It’s amazing! I recorded a demo of this and will give away the .tco template file here - Coming very soon!

We will work from this page as an example: