SOLVED: Plugin conflict causing Cornerstone to not load (Pro Theme, X Theme)

Had a new Fiverr troubleshooting gig:

Hey Michael! I’ve got an issue with my Cornerstone I was hoping you could help with. It was recently hacked and had to have all the plugins updated but now when I go into Cornerstone to edit the website and I just get the spinning loading wheel. I’m guessing something is conflicting now that it’s all been updated. Cheers, Dan.

The fix was this:

  1. Disable all plugins
  2. Only enable Cornerstone (if X)
  3. If it works it’s a plugin conflict
  4. The next step is to ID the plugin causing the conflict. This is done 1 by 1.

In this case it was a plugin called “Autoptimize” that is used to minify CSS and JS scripts.

So what is needed next is if the plugin provides essential functionality you have to locate or build that and get it in place of the old functionality. Sometimes sites are left with plugins that no longer serve a purpose. It’s a good idea to modernize and update to stay with the times.

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From my new client in Australia: Hey Michael! Ok excellent, I can see Cornerstone is now letting me in to edit the website!

Thanks so much for your help Michael, really appreciate it.