Help me with AI

Ok, teach me about AI and how can I get started? Is there a good app or program that I can use?


Midjourney generated image added by @MikeB

What are you trying to do?

Just to have fun with it. Like chops without all the work.
I’ll still do chops but wanted to do some different stuff. I know nothing about it, is there a good program that I can check out?

Look into some of this:

For images online Midjourney (inside discord), DALL-E inside of ChatGPT, Adobe Firelfy via Creative Cloud and for some of the weird, totally uncensored shit “Unstable Diffusion” in Discord. I have “Stable Diffusion” local with a bunch of different builds. I spent a lot of time exploring the past year+

I’ll add a lot to this forum over time about it all

Most of them don’t like to work with a likeness of people. All of them are censored in the weirdest ways. Except Stable Diffusion / Unstable Diffusion, but it is censored to a certain degree.

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Is that something I can download and run as a standalone or does it have to be used with discord, for example?

Like I said, I know nothing about it. :joy::rofl:

Well, if you want beginner friendly, local run, I’ve been thinking about trying pinokio


Maybe start with this one:

Creating Perfect Stock Photography FAST with Midjourney: AI for Digital Marketing Live Tutorial

I made a few videos about it, here’s the full playlist:
“Practical Use of AI”


Gemini is a good thing to tinker with but it’s censored big time. Can’t do anything “sensitive”

Like I typed in “Generate image of a Woman” no problem.

Now how about generate image of an Obese woman:


are ya fn kiddin man :rofl:


Don’t even think about boobs there :rofl:

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Oh yeah, stable diffusion with your own models from is the best, check this one out. Make sure you sign up for an account and then turn off all the censoring, you will find more boob creation models than you can imagine.




I made this image in Midjourney for a YT video thumbnail:

See this thread: AI of the day - Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? - #10 by TerryA

Ok, so I’m downloading that Pinokio thing right now. Be ready for a lot of questions!
:rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

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There’s so much of this now. The next big deal will be video, then past that VR, AI, Haptics etc. Wild times.


The local installs get complex and heavy. I ended up getting mine going after some trouble. I do remember installing git: Git - Downloads

I have to say I do prefer the online/Discord versions. Even “Unstable Diffusion” has one. When I do it local the reslts are similar.

Once video really works well, it will make sense to do it local. Most online video AI tools are really limited mostly by length of time for what you can render. Local installs can go the distance if you have a beefy system.

Well, I still can’t get it to install. It may be my laptop, Alienware 17R4. So I gave up on Pinokio.
Do you have a beginner guide video to do it in discord? I am discord illiterate! :joy::rofl:

What are you looking to do? Just tinker with making images?