AI image of the day - Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Welcome to my AI image of the Day Thread. I have been working with Generative AI since November 2023. It changed my digital marketing business forever. I fell in love on day 1 and have been creating with it, learning about it, exploring it & utilizing it ever since.

My goal is to show you as many possible ways to use AI for anything visual.
I learn and implement new AI tactics and techniques every day.

It’s empowering to be able to create images of anything. It is the link for people with big imaginations and limited ability to output the ideas. (Like me). In the past creating some of these photos and images would need to be contracted at a very high rate. Photographers, illustrators, 3d artists, fx specialists etc. Now all of that gets bypassed.

If you see an AI generated image, video or other media that is extraordinary in any way, feel free to post. It gets crazy, don’t put the craziest in here pls. :boom:

Can we really tell what we are looking at anymore?


imagine getting a VR lapdance

It will be a lap dance from a humanoid dragon if you want lol it’s about to get so weird man.


What AI are you using?

For images online Midjourney (inside discord), DALL-E inside of ChatGPT, Adobe Firelfy via Creative Cloud and for some of the weird, totally uncensored shit “Unstable Diffusion” in Discord. I have “Stable Diffusion” local with a bunch of different builds. I spent a lot of time exploring the past year+

I created a topic for it in Tech. Maybe continue this there and give a brother some help. Would like to explore it and have some fun with it.


Ya wow

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Strange Days

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I made this with my SDXL discord bot




Cool shot for a background on a website generated with Midjourney


It’s like nothing anyone has ever seen.

The realism on some of these is next level



Sometimes you need an element, an asset. AI is amazing at this.



download (87)


bluestone_patio_at_a_beautiful_pool_with_a_great_new_eng @Imax68

I used this for a client email campaign, try some real world stuff too

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