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I have been working with digital shopping platforms since their inception, both as a digital professional who builds them and as a wellness practitioner who uses them. Everything changed during COVID. The instant availability of food via computer, tablet, or phone became the norm. Now, you can have the best of the best in fresh food and supplies delivered right to your front door, at the best prices. You are no longer at the mercy of compromise simply because you didn’t drive to a grocery store or Costco.

With this training: I will teach you how to use Instacart, Prime, and DTC (Direct to Consumer) to order intelligently, locally, and instantly, as well as how to automate your orders so you never run out of healthy options.

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I love everything about Costco except going there. Learn how to get everything sent right to your front door from Costco, Big Y, Stop & Shop, Aldi and more.

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Key Moments: Tips for Convenient and Healthy Grocery Shopping with Instacart: Get Fresh and Nutritious Costco Items Delivered to Your Door

0:00: :shopping_cart: Michael Baker shares tips on how to shop for healthy items using Instacart and avoid the hassle of going to crowded stores like Costco.

2:46: :shopping_cart: Michael Baker shares tips on using Instacart and saving time and effort while grocery shopping.

5:22: :shopping_cart: Michael Baker discusses her experience using Instacart for grocery shopping, including tips and fees.

7:53: :broccoli: Maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle requires effort and planning to ensure access to healthy options.

10:34: :shopping_cart: Michael Baker shares tips on how to always have fresh and healthy options available by utilizing online platforms for grocery shopping.

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Great videos regarding the topic – question though for Instacart with Costco in general…seeing not offering everything in-store, such as grass-fed/finished lamb. Also feta for example is 12.99/lb in-store but more on instacart…is that always the tradeoff?

Now I’m wondering, I haven’t put in my Costco membership yet…maybe that will provide different prices.

Generally if it’s in stock it’s on Instacart. Ove time you will see things go in and out of stock, even regular items. It happens a lot this is why you need to select replacements or refund if unavailable and never leave it up to the shopper. It remembers your preference per item.

Possible but there is usually a bit of a price increase on Instacart compared to the store. One thing I can tell you my account says I saved 800 hours using Instacart, I think it’s more. At my age, nothing is more valuable than time. So for me it’s a no-brainer to spend the money, save the time (and stress, hassle, annoyance, traffic, parking, assholes etc.)

Checking to see if you had gone further with this?