Portable car inverter for powerful laptop? (Precision 7750) I just burned one out in 3 minutes

Anyone know the solution for powering a “mobile workstation” in a car? Have a road trip coming up and the regular inverter I plug into the cigarette lighter got fried. I have i9 w 8 cores, 128gb ram, Quadro RTX 5000 - sucker runs hot! @TerryA @apache69yell @Imax68

Oh this is the one that fried in minutes


  1. I’d suggest a pure sine wave invertor, cleaner power, less stress on your electronics
  2. A continuous power output voltage of 1.5 - 2 x the load you are applying (360 - 480 w so round up to 400 - 500 watt minimum continuous power).
  3. Since the load is so high, active cooling would be best with some sort of thermal / overload/ short circuit protection.
  4. Replaceable fuses is a must.
  5. Now for the bad part, most cigarette adapters only supply about 150 watts, so you will need a direct wire to the invertor, probably why you kept burning your invertor up, because it wasn’t getting enough wattage.
  6. If you want to pay extra, a lithium ion battery would be nice, so you don’t drain your vehicle when off (might also help with #5 limitations, but you are better off with direct wired) .

Cheap no name brands typically over state what they deliver, best to go with a better brand or one with significant more power delivery ratings.

Bestek makes a decent value brand invertor

Thanks I’m going to go down this list, I ended up in the meantime ordering this, I’m going to try it out today:


I keep seeing these bigger ones that require weird wiring. This thing seems very portable, even for regular life use, for power outages and such.

Like these Bestek one, what’s with the wires?


This thing https://amzn.to/3TNJo0p kinda kicking ass here! I am charging the laptop and 2 phones. I got my laptop down to half battery and this got it back up to 100% with a loss of about 9% charge. I am also charge this thing simultaneously in the car. I think I got one.

It was 160 yesterday, it seems I got a lightning deal. Now it’s 200

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No way you are going to run anything like that active on power with a conventional vehicle without some kind of serious alternator upgrade. You will need to get a mobile power station like a Jackery and charge it at night or get a Tesla Cyber Truck/F1 Lightning that runs the bed plugs off the full EV stack.

This portable power thing https://amzn.to/4alU7p3 is working so far, hope I don’t fry it. I have a weird week coming up I’ll be on the road a lot, I’m gonna put it to the test. So far this thing is taking the hit.

It should work, little light on the wattage but it close to the bare minimum, I like to have a little more overhead