I'll just never understand why people get so butt hurt attending stand up comedy

Most of the goats would be cancelled today, and the new “woke” comedy is atrocious

I have to say the anti-PC comedy movement has gotten stronger and stronger. Di Paolo, Rogan, Rock - they never caved in. Rogan even built that Mothership club in Austin and the people involved are all anti. Look up Nick D in “Louder with Crowder”

Lt. Dan ain’t got no legs, so he offended!!!

10 minutes of watching idiots argue and we don’t even get to hear the joke.

This guy is great on kill tony.

Also, in mentioning anti PC comedians, we can’t forget about Anthony Jeselnik :pinched_fingers:t2::pinched_fingers:t2:

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Nick D came out swingin a few years back. He literally does not give a fuck:

Aside from the fact that he was my client and became my friend, he’s my top 2 favorite standup of all time next to Chris Rock. I saw nick about 25x and spent a year with him and Artie Lange on their radio show. It was a great ride.