Not the type of commercial I thought I'd wake up to on Sunday morning

while logged into my youtube app

They probably snuck it by the algorithm. It will get snagged under ‚ÄúCircumvention Policy‚ÄĚ. I had it happen to a client.

Circumvention Policy Google Ads

Circumventing systems:

  • Bypassing enforcement mechanisms and detection by creating variations of ads, domains or content that have been disapproved (for this or any Google Ads policy) or using techniques in text, images, or videos to obfuscate sexually explicit content
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Actually, I’ve had instances over the years of several of these policies. Often, an advertiser has no idea they are breaking some rule. But in this case, the fleshy wanker guys knew

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I just wonder about the legalities of using famous people’s likeness in a commercial… seems like they would get sued for that.