Apple Vision - Digital Prison is one step closer

This video, especially the end sums up what’s coming:

There’s no fighting it however “Offline is the new Luxury” is more true now than ever as we all settle into our own digital prisons ugh

My biggest concern about this right now is the sunlight in the eyes issue. I have been watching things about how the eye is changing due to our lack of outdoor light exposure. More people today need glasses than ever in history, especially in asian cultures where the focus isn’t on screen time but on study time, indoors, in a desk, staring down at paper or into a book. Their eyes are elongating causing vision issues and requiring glasses and as studying becomes more prevalent for younger and younger people they are seeing this hit younger and younger populations.

This thing is going to exacerbate that, in theory. I’m not certain but it seems like it cant be helping.

How long before someone jailbreaks it and adds an app that shows how everyone they are looking at or selectively looks naked -

It’s going to be a riot

This right here made me cringe…

and a look inside, if you are curious

Wild to watch a dissection of this thing cool find man.

right, interesting, don’t get me wrong, I’d pimp it if it was given to me but I’m not spending that kinda cash on something like that.