What is everyone up to these days?

Hey, so what is everyone up to these days? I am still living in AZ, got married in 2011 and run my own business now.

I sure hope we can do some photochops like we did back in the day! That would be fun as all hell!

Anyway, good to see everyone again.

I knew this would happen, this goes in “let’s talk”

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God ya. I miss it all. I want to do it using AI and old school too

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MikeB using Artificial Intelligence… he’ll finally be smart, ahahahah

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download (70)
download (69)

I doubt it, I’m using it to make pics of Nick Di Paolo at Pride events :rofl: :rofl:

Yeah, gimp even has an ai plugin now, I still refuse to use ps

Let’s Talk is kinda wack, I’m open to better names for the main spot. I want Stems and Seeds to actually be about Stems and Seeds

I have a whole bunch of things I’ll post in tech, it’s actually why I got this PC. AI and video

My bad man. Still figuring it out!

no worries imax… why 20 character minimum

I made the open discussion forum names “Stems and Seeds” I will move this topic to it.

and he folds, ahaha… you can’t break old habits