Man, been sick as a dog all weekend

fever, cold shakes, upset tummy, basically been bed ridden for 2 days… makes me wonder, am I the only one that uses deodorant on their taint, just curious???

Depends on how stinky it is.

:rofl: how are these things related sick and just applying deodorant to your grundle wtf

you gotta lure em in, to shock em… besides, your nesticles don’t sweat and get stinky after a few days in bed?

Gold Bond man, never leave home without powdering the taint!!!

actually, cornstarch works better, just don’t grab the instant kind, you’ve been warned

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Fromunda biscuits? :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

that instant cornstarch is wack, balls up and hardens instantly, you’ll have concrete dingleberries that need to be chipped off. Regular cornstarch, removes the water & rash, and gives a silky lubricant for the heat rash to heal in a day or two. Trust a fat man, cornstarch is <3