When you pander to 1.2 - 6.8% of the population

I just don’t understand businesses negating their “fan base” to embrace the woke agenda, name one business this has been good for in the past 5 years, I bet you can’t?

People are done with the woke bullshit. We went to Disney this past year and half of the employees are dudes with boobs, chicks with scraggly hormone beards. UGH. Bizarre narratives in their movies and they are losing to Youtube. My 6 year old will always choose Youtube over a Disney anything.

The new Spiderman cartoons are “Spidey and Friends” can’t say “man”.

Even the last Star Wars had the woke nonsense in it. The women were dominant and smarter than the stupid white guys lol.

I’m not allowing anything even sort of woke in here.

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google stock crash after woke ai discovered

I pointed out how ridiculous Gemini was being here: Help me with AI - #10 by MikeB

It wouldn’t let me create an image of “obese woman” because it was afraid to offend!

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