REMOTE EMPLOYEES FIRED for MOUSE JIGGLERS- don't plug it into your computer's usb port

Here’s the thing no one understands whether it’s Facebook, a forum, a network, your Internet Service provider - it’s all logged. All of it. There’s just another reason I can’t bother with the nonsense of being in an office (aka modern prison)

I was wondering how long you would last at that office job you took, helluva switch from working from home / self-employed then going back into that situation. Sure, the anxiety of securing new work, paying office expenses is a bonus, but it doesn’t outweigh “office politics”, freedom in choice of work / clients, and you get a way smaller piece of the pie.

In the past 25 years I spent 2 in an office. I recently did an onsite stint which was great. It reminded me how lucky I am to be out here hustling