Hi, I'm apache, I heard this was the new Myspace

I’m a cheap fat guy that loves tech on a budget. I’m not married, no kids, so I’m open for a bromance or some hand holding on the beach with the right t girl, no homo. I like gaming, art, hanging out with friends, music, movies, reading manga & mastication. I can be a sarcastic a-hole at times, but it is because of my addiction to trolling that got me banned from 4 chan. I come from an era of time when men use to rib each other for fun.

oh &…

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Oh dear lord, who let this guy in :rofl:

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Lord Jesus help me!

-(the artist formerly known as the Redworm)

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Alright, here we goooooo!!!

What up my man, it’s been forever

Hi, there. My name’s endecker, and you’re an alcoholic.

Old squad, maybe too old? Whats up old timers