Help: Mouse pad keeps sliding

My current desk is basically a butcher block husky adjusting desk, the surface is kind of slick and the full size mouse pad keeps moving, Has anyone ever tried to use a roll on glue to stop this from happening? I’ve tried 3m two sided VHD tape but it didn’t really hold well to the rubber of the mouse pad.

Any solutions short of squeeging goop onto my desktop?

solved: I ended up taking a moist rag and wiping my desk, leaving it moist. Then wiping the back of the mouse pad, also leaving it slightly wet. Placed the pad down on the wet surface and pressed it down. It gave like a suction effect that continues to work after it dried.

One thing I was going to say is one of those oversized pads that span the whole keyboard area:

download - 2024-04-08T054713.269

yeah, this is a huge one like pictured, just my desk, is so slick and I guess there was dust like particles on the rubber under the pad, making it move even easier. It still moves a tad bit, but not like before