Endecker checking in:

Greetings, from the post-whore of the days of yore. I got your distress call and came as quickly as I wanted to :sunglasses:

Looking forward to catching up with some familiar faces; I see some are already here.

It’s been a while; let’s catch up :vulcan_salute:

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Kinda dead in here atm, but post away, I’ll respond

Well, let’s start with the three universal “new forum” basics - who’s here from the old crew, are there any new faces, and where’s the trans midget rubber-fetish p0rn at?

Howdy sir! I’d say as far as a forum goes this place is insanely quiet. I’ve mostly been using it for my strength training stuff and some minor tech. I think as time goes on without forcing it - it will just become a whole new animal.

Welcome in