AI is a Sham, with Receipts

I am losing faith in AI a lot lately. It has its uses of course but it’s as dumb as a rock. I’m trying to recreate a quote image:

download - 2024-06-25T113518.167

The first round AI shoots me an image with garbled text of course and birds. I simply ask over and over to remove the fn birds and it just won’t. Waste of time lately. It’s doing stuff like this nonstop.

Literally it won’t remove the gd birds.

It’s good for solo imagery, copy related issues, Simple automations, so many little things but it’s so fn hard to work with sometimes

my main gripe is always been how it was trained on “stolen” data… and people trying to replace jobs of those who made the data with it. I think Miko did an excellent explanation on how it “creates” things, and basically, it would be good for quick concept art or inspiration, I don’t see it replacing people.

All it is is a hype train, no more than google glass or vr was.

It’s just not ready. It did replace copywriters for me though, like 100%. I PRAY it can do websites but all of that AI website builder stuff is a gimmick. No custom site can be done by anything automated. And when it can be, I’ll jump for joy and move on! It’s all so tedious but this is precisely why AI can’t do it.